• The ultimate fireside book guide

    Cosy up on the couch this winter with a good book, matched with your favourite drink. Take a look at our recommendations for your fireside reading this winter.
  • Summer loves gas too

    There’s nothing better than a summer afternoon in the backyard surrounded by friends and family. Normally a BBQ is in order, but what other gas-powered appliances can help make your summer a goodie?
  • Things to keep in mind when designing your kitchen

    With the kitchen at the heart of your home, getting the design right in a new kitchen or adding great functionality when renovating can make a huge difference in day-to-day whānau life. Discover some of our favourites that might give you some inspiration.
  • Eggcellent easter menu ideas


    Enjoy these eggcellent Easter recipes for entertaining over the long weekend, including easy brunch platters, slow roasted lamb and new twists on some Easter favourites. And who knows – one of these could become your new Easter tradition. Hop to it!

  • Upcycling to spruce up your home

    We all know about recycling - but upcycling has been trending over the past few years! It’s exactly the opposite of recycling - you take your trash, and you turn it into treasure! We’ve collected some beautiful examples from creative Kiwi’s to give you inspiration.
  • Five lessons from our grandparents

    Our grandparents share so much with us whether we realise it or not. Life lessons delivered from kuia or koro, grandma or grandpa, provide so much value no matter what age you are and help shape you into the person you become. Here are five lessons we think grandparents can teach our little ones… and us!
  • 5 simple ways to throw an epic dinner party

    We love a good dinner party. All your friends together in a cosy home, enjoying one another’s company and delving into some great food… What's not to love!?

    We wanted to share some tips on how to throw an epic dinner party at yours; one your friends and family will remember.
  • Turning your hobby into your career


    ‘The world is your oyster’ has never been more true. If the last two years of change, pandemic and uncertainty has brought anything to the forefront in the business world, it’s that creativity really can spark something beautiful. 

  • Take your culinary skills outdoors

    Ultimate entertainer or backyard master chef, an outdoor kitchen can take outdoor dining to a whole new level. Here’s some inspiration to help you start dreaming or planning.
  • Bali in your backyard

    We might not be able to hop on a plane to Bali, Marrakesh or Spain and experience the excitement of international travel right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the world to you. It’s a great time to give your outdoor space some love or even a complete makeover and bring in some elements of somewhere you love or dream of adventuring to. We have some inspiration to get you started
  • Stylish designer radiators to covet


    Let us introduce you to these snazzy and very cool designer radiators – some you can even call pieces of art - that provide a clean and radiant warmth within your home which you’ll love.

  • Love your home office

    Covid-19 has meant working from home for many of us, and it might increasingly be the way of the future. Having a dedicated study or home office has never been more desirable. If you have a spare room to convert or some space you can claim, now is a great time to create a dedicated workspace at your place. Here’s all the inspiration you need.   
  • Oprah super soul conversations


    Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast is a collection of interviews designed to inspire, light you up and help bring you one step closer to your best self.

  • Love flame fires


    Dreaming of cosy winter evenings by the fire? Take a look at the latest trends in real flame fires.