• Renovate with the future in mind

    We all know that the world around us is changing and right now many of us are staying put in our homes and renovating for more space, more comfort and better living. Take your home renovation into the future by including gas in your plans today.
  • Renovate the right way


    Many older New Zealand homes are cold, damp and hard to heat. It’s disappointing but not unusual to discover the home you’ve moved into isn’t up to scratch when it comes to energy efficiency. Natural gas can change that, with endless hot water and cosy heating solutions that are affordable and provide outstanding performance.

  • Plan to get the most from natural gas when building new


    Talk to many Kiwis building new or renovating their homes and you’ll find natural gas is a priority in their plans.  It makes sense to include natural gas in your plans from the very start. Working from a blank canvas makes it a lot easier to incorporate pipework, ducting and the most efficient and effective layout and design. 

  • Bathroom benefits

    Include natural gas in your renovation plans and build in endless hot water for those luxurious soaks in the bath and for those teenagers and their long showers. No more knocking on the door to hurry the kids out of the bathroom - with continuous flow you won’t run out of hot water. But the benefits don’t stop there.
  • Loving luxurious heating


    When renovating or building a new home, choosing a heating solution is a top priority. The living is easy with a natural gas home. While building new is the perfect time to scope gas heating into plans, the great news for renovators is that it is very achievable to retrofit a heating solution into your existing home – even central heating which warms each room in your home.

  • Clever kitchen creations


    Embrace the power of natural gas in your kitchen and become the culinary guru you’ve always dreamed of being. Gas hobs are fast, hot, and precise. Cook at low temperatures for the perfect melted chocolate, or crank it up instantly to sear a succulent steak.

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