Our mahi and people

We connect our underground pipeline network in your street up to the new gas meter that we will also install either externally on the side of your house or on your section.

Our Customer Team are ready to answer your questions and step you through getting connected. If you are ready to apply, you can connect now online. Alternatively, phone Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, or leave a message if you're calling after hours on 0508 427 482.  Meet Evie, one of our Customer Consultants, who shares how we will look after your application – from go to whoa! 

Our Commercial Team specialise in new residential subdivisions or businesses wanting to get natural gas to power their energy needs. Call us to be put in touch with our account managers, or just contact us.

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Our company

Powerco created The Gas Hub to make connecting to natural gas easy. With simple to understand information all in one place and the ability to apply for a connection online, you will be well supported to make energy choices around your needs.

Powerco’s business is in lines and pipes, the vital infrastructure that connects homes and businesses with the electricity and gas they need. 

Powerco spends millions every year on safety-driven maintenance and network-quality upgrades, ensuring natural gas stays as the incredibly safe and reliable fuel it currently is. Powerco also invests in installing gas pipelines into new subdivisions near you.

For further information, visit powerco.co.nz.


The Gas Hub is a great place to work, and Powerco is a fantastic employer.

Head on over to Powerco to see what roles we are currently hiring for.