Summer loves gas too

We love summers spent in the backyard with friends and whānau, from a classic Kiwi BBQ to setting up a homemade slip and slide for the kids, there are hours of fun to be had. We’ve put together a few appliances you may be thinking about adding to your home that will make your summer enjoyable and efficient, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the sunshine.

Featured photo thanks to Ooni.

 Pizza on a pizza paddle into a gas pizza oven.

Gas-fired pizza ovens

Forget delivery fees, be your own pizza chef with a gas-fired pizza oven. 

Knock the socks off your guests with a pizza cooked in 60 seconds, one of the many reasons we love gas-powered pizza ovens. Perfect for the backyard, they are simple and easy to set-up with minimal fuss, making entertaining easy. 

Man cooking food on a BBQ.

Natural gas barbecues

Everyone loves a good Kiwi BBQ. It’s a staple! Adding a natural gas BBQ to your home transforms your outdoor space into an entertainer’s delight. The perk is that you can cook up a great meal for your family while entertaining your guests or playing with the kids, all while enjoying the sunshine. Using natural gas allows you to keep a consistent flame and control the temperature more, meaning you get that perfect steak, just the way you like it.

Chairs sitting around a gas fire pit.

Gas Fire Pits

The addition of a gas fire pit outside will bring your campfire dreams to life (but at the end of the night, you get to sleep in your own bed). You’ll be able to enjoy the feel of a real fire, without burning real wood - meaning no more embers, ash, and soot to clean up - win!

Designed to fit your home, whether contemporary or rustic, bringing in a firepit will serve you both decoratively and practically, making your home one you’ll love and use all year round.

Kids feet underwear in a pool.

Pool and Spa Heating

Backyard pools are one main way you can get the most out of your outdoor living in the warmer months. Whether it be a swimming pool or spa, you can enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather. One of the biggest advantages to heating your pool with gas is its ability to heat when you choose. Gas heating can also be paired with solar to heat a swimming pool.

Consider the above gas-loving outdoor options to spruce up your summer and prolong the warmer nights, bringing you more time in the sun and outdoor memories that last a lifetime. With gas flowing well into the future you can enjoy gas-powered summers for years to come.

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