• Have you tried our hot water cost comparison tool yet?


    Looking to compare gas pricing in NZ? Use our hot water cost comparison tool to compare different options for heating the water at your place.


    Compare natural gas, electricity, LPG and solar hot water systems. It only takes a few minutes to calculate the estimated running costs and upfront costs for your household to see how much you could save.

  • Connect to gas for free

    We think everyone deserves a little (or a lot of) natural gas in their life, so we’re connecting as many people as possible for free – saving you around $2,000 in connection costs. If you live in Wellington, Taranaki, Hawke’s Bay or Manawatū and meet the criteria, you can apply for a free natural gas connection. That’s a great head start toward getting the ultimate in comfort, control and cost at your place.
  • Enjoy lower energy bills with natural gas

    Smart appliance technology, outstanding efficiency and lower per kilowatt prices for natural gas mean lower energy bills for many homes. That's got to be a good thing! Even including retailer daily fixed charges, there are savings to be made. Using more than four big LPG bottles a year? You'll save money by converting to natural gas. 
  • Heating your whole home is a luxury you can afford

    If you’ve experienced the all-over comfort of natural gas central heating, you’ll probably agree there’s nothing quite like it. It’s probably more affordable than you think, with a whole-home ducted central heating solution costing a similar amount to two heat pumps installed.

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