• The Future of Gas BBQ’s

    A great Kiwi summer always includes sausages on the BBQ! Looking towards a future of renewable energy, including gas, we are pleased that those summer traditions aren’t going away anytime soon, but the gas we use will likely change with the times. 
  • What does an award-winning kitchen look like?

    The Gas Hub was a proud sponsor at the recent Registered Master Builders House of the Year Central North Island & East Coast/Hawke’s Bay Region 2023 for the ‘The Gas Hub Kitchen Excellence Award’. Our award-winner, Gareth Collins from Gareth Collins Building, shares what makes this kitchen a winner.
  • Natural gas myth busters

    You may know the general benefits of gas heating, cooking and hot water, but you may have heard or even have your own misconceptions when it comes to natural gas. We’ve answered five of the most common myths.
  • Number one in the kitchen

    Ask any chef, and they’ll tell you nothing compares to gas in the kitchen. Gas hob cooking delivers the ultimate control and precision, whether hot and fast or low and slow. Modern gas cooktops not only look great but ensure every meal is cooked to perfection. Learn why gas is still the number one choice in the kitchen. 
  • Outdoor living that sizzles


    This summer make your outdoor living sizzle with natural gas. Connect your BBQ, spa, pool or fire to natural gas and create the ultimate outdoor entertainment space at your place. No LPG gas bottles that run out mid-BBQ, gas delivers affordable, efficient, on-demand energy to keep the grill, water and flames hot 24/7.  

  • Innovative renovating

    Our world has changed, and right now we’re all staying closer to home, which makes it a great time to renovate for more space, more comfort and better living. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor area or heating sometime in the next 12 months, take a look at the many benefits of renovating with gas. 
  • Luxurious hot water


    A hot shower offers the chance of some therapeutic and much needed alone time. If you aren’t already enjoying the luxury of no-limit hot showers at your place, now is a great time to explore making the switch.


  • Superior heating

    Dreaming of a home that’s warm and toasty all over? Or winter heating bills worrying you? If you’re thinking about how to heat your home better or save money on your heating, now is great time to explore installing or switching to gas heating at your place.
  • Getting connected


    Getting your home connected to gas is easy-as if there’s natural gas in your street. Curious about what happens and how it all works on the day? Watch and find out.