Outdoor living that sizzles

This summer make your outdoor living sizzle with natural gas. Connect your BBQ, spa, pool or fire to natural gas and create the ultimate outdoor entertainment space at your place. No LPG gas bottles that run out mid-BBQ, gas delivers affordable, efficient, on-demand energy to keep the grill, water and flames hot 24/7.

Outdoor BBQ master

You’ve just started to enjoy the aroma of your favourite snags sizzling on the barbecue and the LPG bottle dies. Time to awkwardly whip everything inside to finish cooking or make a mad dash to the service station for a gas refill. With a natural gas-powered barbecue, the sizzle never stops. If you already have gas at home, keeping the BBQ fired 24/7 is as easy as getting your gasfitter to install a bayonet point outdoors and ensuring your BBQ is natural gas compatible. 

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The ultimate pool party host

A pool or spa pool is an ultimate luxe outdoor accessory, giving you that holiday vibe from the comfort of home – and they can be heated using a gas connection. On-demand and faster than electricity, natural gas is a great choice to heat your pool or spa, and if you’re already using natural gas inside your home, gas energy will cost you around one-third the standard unit price of electricity. 

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Heating your outdoor oasis

With a natural gas-powered outdoor fireplace, there’s no need to head inside when the breeze picks up, or the sun goes down. With a fantastic and stylish range of modern flame fires to choose from and flames at the flick-of-switch, you can enjoy the outdoors whatever the season.

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