Things to consider when picking a gasfitter

When looking for a gasfitter, whether it’s to install your new gas appliance or just to perform an annual safety check, there are some key things to consider.

Follow our simple guide for peace of mind when it comes to professional workmanship, so you can enjoy gas energising your home for years to come.

Check their qualifications

The first thing to check is if they have a licence. According to the Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainlayers Board, all authorised tradespeople must carry their NZ Practising Licence issued by the Board, and they recommend you view it before any work starts. You can also search for a gasfitter on the Public Register to make sure they’re listed.

Check their reviews

Read through testimonials on their website to see how previous clients have rated their work. Even better, ask around - chances are some of your friends, family members or colleagues have also used a gasfitter recently, and may be able to make a recommendation.

Get a few quotes

Comparing quotes from a few providers can help you see what the average cost would be for the job you need doing, and ensure you aren’t overpaying - we recommend getting three quotes. It can also be a good idea to clarify if you’re being quoted a price for the whole job, or an hourly rate, so you can budget accordingly, and ask what their payment terms are as some may ask for a deposit before beginning work.

Who will be doing the work

Ask if they will be doing the job themselves, or if the company will be sending another employee. That way you can check that anyone arriving to carry out work is licenced, or that their supervisor is.


Choosing a friendly and helpful gasfitter will make the process even easier and enjoyable. Look for someone who shows you great customer service, uses clear communication, and answers your questions quickly and clearly.


Depending on the size of the job, some parts of your house may be out of action while the work is being completed. Make sure to ask which areas will be affected and for how long - you may need to head to a friend’s place for dinner or fire up the BBQ instead of using your kitchen!

Cleaning up

Some gasfitters may include the clean-up within the price and others may charge an additional fee. Mess is part of the job, but knowing in advance who will be cleaning up avoids any nasty surprises at the end.

A gasfitter installs and certifies new gas appliances once your gas connection is complete, and as nearly all aspects of gasfitting are illegal to DIY, so it is essential to choose the right one for you.

Once you have covered these key points, you’ll know you can make an informed decision to choose a qualified and recommended gasfitter for your job - putting the safety of you and your family first. 

Need a starting point? Check our handy Find a gasfitter page.
Whether it's for instant hot water, luxurious heating, or gourmet cooking, we expect gas to continue to flow well into the future as New Zealand looks to transition to low or zero-carbon gas.

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