Gas is changing

Did you know that the future of gas is changing?  Firstgas Group have launched a campaign sharing the goal of delivering 100% zero carbon gas in their pipelines by 2050. 

They have been busy investigating cleaner, zero carbon gas options like hydrogen and biogas over the past two years and think they will be able to continue to use existing pipeline networks to deliver these gases safely to Kiwi homes. Not only that, they say that most gas appliances will work up to a 20% blend of hydrogen. 

“We’ve been a company that has always thrived behind the scenes. But after discovering our pipelines can safely transport hydrogen, we’ve been itching to explain what zero carbon gas will actually mean for New Zealanders,” says Wendy Rayman, Group Marketing Manager at Firstgas.

Firstgas have gone as far as developing a hydrogen BBQ, which you can see in action on the AM Show.

Gas remains a great energy partner

We, at The Gas Hub, also support the drive toward a carbon zero future in Aotearoa and have confidence that these innovative gases will see gas continue to be important in our country’s energy mix.  We have been looking into how our natural gas network could become low or zero emission, and are pleased to report that our gas pipeline is 90% ready to take hydrogen now!  We are planning hydrogen gas trials later this year. 

It is exciting to think that the gas you love now will get even better in the future. For now, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of gas at home while work continues to make it cleaner and greener behind the scenes.

Learn more about Firstgas and their gas emission goals by heading to


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