Does your home qualify for a free connection?

Nothing quite compares to natural gas. Warm, dry and luxuriously, comfortable a natural gas home just feels better all over. Throw in a free connection and it's the complete package.

It can also offer big savings over electricity. We think everyone deserves a little (or a lot of) natural gas in their life, so we’re connecting as many people as possible for free – saving you around $2,000.

We've given away thousands of free gas connections to Kiwi homeowners and the majority of homes fronted by our gas network qualify. If you can get the tick on these three conditions, we can probably connect you for free -

  1. Your house (or likely gas meter location) is within 40 metres of the gas main in your street
  2. You're installing a natural gas hot water and/or central heating system
  3. Access from the street to your house isn’t too complicated 

Want to find out about the gas connection process? Head over here.

For more in-depth details you can read the residential gas connection terms and conditions over here.

Ready to connect?

Make sure you take a look at the connection process. It tells you what you'll need to make choices about as part of your natural gas connection.

Start your natural gas connection application. Our customer team will then ring you to confirm a few more questions.

Want to know more?

If you've had a good look around our website and still have questions let us know what you'd like more information about.