A natural gas home is luxuriously comfortable. That comfort comes from the toasty-warmth of gas heating, the delight of endless hot water and the precision of a gas hob as you cook up your favourite dish.

Imagine having the comfort of continuous flow hot water which delivers as much hot water as you need – when you need it – and never runs out. That means there’s always enough for everyone to enjoy a long, hot shower.

Steph tells us it's a 'no-brainer' to go with gas at home because the convenience of unlimited hot water has also saved her money. Future proof with gas and easily add a second bathroom later.

Listen to the full version of Steph’s gas story here.


Natural gas gives greater control of your energy bills by giving greater control of two things that use the most energy in your home – hot water and heating. 

Meet David and Leone who love how easy gas makes their lives.  After a wood burner caused their home to burn down, they wanted to pick up all the benefits of gas, installing hot water, heating and cooking.

  • Enjoy efficient, dry and healthy gas heating that can be zoned, switched on via phone app, and is highly programmable with the push of a button. 
  • Keep your family safe with controllable hot water temperatures.  
  • Love the instant flame, speed, power and precision of gas cooking that all the professional chefs prefer.

Listen to the full version of David and Leone’s gas story here.


Gas appliances are incredibly efficient, some with 95% efficiency and 7-star ratings – so they can cost a lot less to run. 

Meet Quinn and Victoria who say they have halved their energy bills by switching to gas and they love the control of instant gas hot water.

Per kilowatt charges (the per unit of energy cost) of natural gas are much cheaper than electricity, and even with daily fixed charges, natural gas is affordable and often works out a cheaper option if there are a few of you at home.

Use our online comparison tool to find out estimated costs for natural gas hot water versus other options like an electric cylinder or LPG.  It takes a couple minutes and you can have the results emailed.

Listen to the full version of Quinn and Victoria’s gas story here.


Natural gas packs quite a punch. It instantly provides all the heat, hot water and flame for cooking you could ever want, on tap, ready when you are. Around a quarter of Kiwi homes use gas in their homes.

With the transition to a lower carbon future, some doubt about the future of gas has been cast. We support the drive towards a carbon zero future for Aotearoa and have confidence that innovative new zero carbon gases like hydrogen and biogas will see gas continuing to play an important role in NZ's energy mix.

It is important to understand that the proposed phase out date for natural gas in the Climate Change Commission's draft report has not been agreed.

Did you know around 90% of our current gas network (and 100% of new subdivisions!) is ready now to deliver these green gases like hydrogen and biogas?

Read more about the future of gas and see our vision of a future gas home here.

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