• Did you know


    Natural gas can power 70% of your home’s energy needs

    You can optimise your gas connection by connecting your hot water, heating and cooking all to gas and reduce your energy bills. From instant, continuous flow hot water to luxurious, warm and healthy heating or fast precision cooking; natural gas can make your home feel better all over.

  • Its a wrap


    The Gas Hub’s busy home show season for 2019 is now complete, so it's time to take a breather and reflect.

    With a focus this year on sharing messages about the future for gas in New Zealand, the team travelled to an event in each of our natural gas network regions.

  • Wellington office hits the beach


    Powerco and The Gas Hub’s Wellington office recently bunked off to the coast for an afternoon ahead of the Christmas break.

    This wasn’t your regular lazy afternoon spent sunning or swimming. Rather, it was a beach combing activity picking up rubbish along the shoreline and roadside, followed by a charity quiz.