Three gas powered cooking tools we love

Many of us, when thinking about gas cooking, default to thinking of cooking on a BBQ... but did you know there are actually many ways to cook with gas that are beyond the standard BBQ? You can get that amazing gas-cooked quality in a variety of different foods and appliances. We’re here to share three of our faves with you.

Smoker oven


A gas smoker is a great option apart from the traditional smoker, perfect for those who love to prepare smoked food, with the convenience of using gas!

A lot of gas smokers have features like removable cooking racks, integrated wood chip bowls to maintain a smoky flavour and water trays to create smoke and steam keeping food juicy. Best part is they can be used as a conventional gas oven too which means you can cook a variety of foods with the one tool.

If you’re a foodie or are wanting to up your game over the summer, make sure to get your hands on one of these to wow all your friends and family (and your taste buds!).

Check out the Gasmate smoker.

Gas fired pizza oven cooking pizza

Pizza oven

Have you ever cooked pizza to perfection in 60 seconds? We have! And it’s one of the many reasons we love gas fired pizza ovens.

In addition to their modern, sleek aesthetic making them a beautiful addition to any outdoor space; they do something truly incredible - cooking delicious pizza in just a minute. Unlike traditional wood fired pizza ovens, they are simple and easy to setup. The best part is they are portable so you can simply pack it up to take with you to a friend’s place or the bach this summer. Then just insert the pizza stone and connect your plumbed gas or cylinder.

This might just be the perfect summer purchase for your backyard! Designed for convenience, it’s ready to use within 15 minutes, so you’re not slaving over it for hours at a time. Plus, they aren’t just great for cooking pizza either; try vegetables or steak a go.

Great for the family, great for entertaining, we think this item might need to be added to the family Christmas list!

Discover the Ooni gas pizza oven. Plus, we've put together some dessert pizza inspiration.

Hāngī food on a plate

Hāngī cooker

A Kiwi classic has made its way above ground… 

In recent years, hāngī cookers have become the alternative way to cook a traditional ground Hāngī with the convenience of gas and without the compromise of flavour.

They produce incredible meals quickly and have evolved over the years, now offering a significant range of accessories and an endless range of cooking techniques and recipes.

Often combining Manuka wood, stones heated by gas and wet sacks coming together to bring heat and steam, cooking your food with that smoky Hāngī flavour.

Cookers come in a range of sizes with multiple cooking chambers, allowing it to function as a smoker, a low-pressure steamer or an oven. With the chambers removed, it can function as a BBQ hotplate, a shallow fryer, wok or casserole dish. 

Every whānau gathering is sorted with one of these. They’re well thought out and with so many layers and options, there is something for every sized family.

Take a look at the MultiKai Cooker.

Just three of many incredible ways to use gas in your cooking. It’s convenient and levels up your cooking game every time. What’s your favourite gas appliance?


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