Towards the future

Imagine a future where renewable energy can be converted to gas, stored and then sent through existing gas pipelines to use as you need it.

Meeting increasing energy needs with affordable, reliable energy while reducing emissions is a dual challenge. In the future, excess renewable electricity may be used to generate hydrogen gas. 

Gas renewable energy can not only be used in our gas pipes direct to homes, but could also be used to generate electricity when renewables cannot meet peak demand. That is when the lakes are low, the wind is not blowing and the sun not shining!



Converting the gas network

We believe the best way to help our customers keep warm and comfy as New Zealand travels towards a zero carbon future is to continue to use our existing gas networks to deliver a safe, secure supply of gas energy.

Around 90% of our gas pipe network (and 100% of our new subdivisions), are compatible with zero carbon gases.  We’re on track for blended gas to flow through our natural gas network from 2025.  

We know it’s possible to deliver zero carbon gases like hydrogen made from renewable energy to your home. There’s still much work to be done across the energy system to enable this. 

You can connect to gas with confidence today, because gas has a future energising tomorrow’s homes.


Journey to net zero

Planning a road map based on assets is one thing. Developing a roadmap that seeks opportunities to accelerate the transition while minimizing impacts on consumers takes a lot more thinking.

The Gas Hub, and our parent company Powerco are committed to building a road map that makes sense for our customers and our busines. We’re still working on this plan so check back or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed as we share progress towards our shared renewable energy future.