Creative pizza ideas

No matter how you top it, pizza is perhaps the most perfect food of all. Wood-fired, home-made or straight out the box, pizza is always a popular favourite. But which toppings reign supreme? If you’re bored of the classic margherita or over arguing if pineapple belongs on pizza, then we have some creative pizza topping ideas to shake up your next night pizza night. Just don’t tell Nonna!

Something fruity

Pear, bacon and blue cheese pizza.
Photo: Rachel Schultz

Pear, bacon and blue cheese pizza

This pizza is by far our favourite pizza to spruce up any pizza night. Pear, bacon and blue cheese on pizza is a genius move. It’s pretty damn good as- is but our tip is to marinate the pear in a little olive oil, nutmeg and chilli flakes and try adding some sautéed spinach and garlic or even Swiss chard when it’s in season.


Grilled-peach pizza with prosciutto.
Photo: Martha Stewart

Grilled-peach pizza with prosciutto

Forget your standard pizzas, this one blows them out of the water. This pizza combines savoury and sweet with caramelised peaches, oozing mozzarella, salty prosciutto, and fragrant basil. You could event try grilling the peaches on the BBQ to give it a smoky flavour.

Classics with a twist

Hot honey and pepperoni pizza.

Hot honey and goat cheese pepperoni pizza

It’s sweet, it’s spicy, and it takes the classic pizza topping, pepperoni to a whole new level. Hot honey has been trending with pizza for a few years now and we can’t wait to try this combo.


Roast vegetable pizza. 

Roasted vegetable and feta pizza

Vegetarian pizzas can often be a little same, same. Tomatoes, capsicum, mushrooms, and olives are all commonly seen on a shop bought veggie pizza. At home you have the freedom to try whatever you want, so why not try pumpkin, zucchini or even beetroot?
Pizza Bufalina.
Photo: Adelady

Pizza Bufalina

Not exactly a classic with a twist, Pizza Bufalina has been around for years, but it is the margherita’s classier, older sister. Standard tomatoes are replaced with sweet, juicy cherry tomatoes and paired with delicious buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil.

Creamy creations

Spinach and Artichoke Pizza with Cheesy Bread Crust.
Photo: With Spice

Spinach and Artichoke Pizza with Cheesy Bread Crust

A popular pizza in parts of America, creamy artichoke pizza is a must try. It’s creamy, it’s cheesy, it’s crunchy and chewy; it’s all your pizza dreams come true. 

Carbonara pizza.
Photo: Gozney

Carbonara pizza

And if the creamy vegetarian spinach and artichoke isn’t for you, why, not try the classic pasta, Carbonara on your next pizza? The combo of pancetta, egg and brilliantly fluffy dough may mean you want this at breakfast just as much as at dinner.

Definitely don’t tell Nonna about these

Cheeseburger pizza.I wash you dry

Cheeseburger pizza

Definitely don’t tell Nonna about this one. Take the classic cheeseburger and combine it with a pizza.

Taco pizza.

Taco pizza

The warm and creamy beans topped with seasoned taco meat and melty cheese make this Taco Pizza recipe an absolute dream. It’s like Mexican food meets Italian food in all the right ways.

Buffalo chicken pizza

This buffalo chicken pizza from Karly at Buns in my oven is full of spicy buffalo sauce, chicken, and drizzled with a creamy ranch dressing.

If you’re a pizza snob then these options may not be for you, but we hope they inspire you to try something new next pizza night.

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