A treasure hunt for the whole family

Described as the world’s largest treasure hunt, you and your family will love getting into Geocaching as the weather warms up. Navigate through your local parks and places using your phone or tablet to hide and seek containers or “geocaches” hidden at specific locations.

With thousands of “geocaches” hidden around the world, your family (including you, parents, yes!) will love locating the ones near you and digging around to find them. It really is a treasure hunt for the whole family, better yet you can even take it on holiday with you!

Official Geocaching logbook in a tube.

How to play

Simply download the app and it will show you the geocaches in your area. From there, you can GPS your way to their general location and you’ll need to go searching from that point. There’s a hint available on the app to help you in your search if you need, but it won’t make the find obvious. It’s all part of the fun!

Once found, you’ll find a canister or jar of some sort with a notepad on the inside for you to sign and record that you found the geocache. You can update the app too and leave reviews for future finders!

X marks the spot to finding a Geocaching location.

With many virtual treasure hunt apps available, this may seem like just another one to add to the list - but the added bonus of finding something real and not just in the digital world sets this one apart.

If you want to level up in your participation, consider hiding your own geocaches too! Get them approved by a cache reviewer through the app to make sure it falls under safety guidelines and can pay the fun forward!

So as the weather warms up, gather your whānau and friends together and get outside! A device is only needed to take you to the location and from there, it’s you and the outdoors.

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