Youll love cold winter mornings with ducted central heating in your home

Some would argue nothing beats the feeling of all-over warmth that natural gas central heating provides. Highly efficient and controllable, a ducted central heating system is an investment that will increase the resale value of your home – not that you’ll ever want to leave. If you’re installing central heating powered by natural gas, you may be able to connect to gas for free, even better.

What’s the deal with ducted heating?

Ducted natural gas central heating is fast, taking your whole house from cold to cosy in super-quick speed. So how does it work?

Ducted central heating systems deliver warm air through a series of outlets or ducts positioned strategically throughout your home, usually in the floor or ceiling. Powered by a gas-fired burner unit that can be safely installed in the roof, under the floor or externally, burners are specifically designed to ensure efficient transfer of heat.

Feel the power and take control

Get outstanding control at your fingertips with the option of zoning different areas of your home to enable individual temperature settings. Programme rooms to turn on and off whenever you want, like just before you wake in the morning so there’s no chilly dash to jump in a hot shower.

Some systems can be controlled via your smartphone for even more convenience – on the evening commute flick your heating on 10 minutes before you get home and open the door to all-over toasty warmth.

For your health and wealth

Another great benefit is that gas central heating combats dampness as well as the cold. Your heating system can deliver up to five complete air changes an hour – offering benefits for sufferers of asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

So what are the costs? You might be surprised how affordable it is to buy and install central gas heating to heat your whole home. System start at around $6,000 depending on your house size and how many outlets you’ll need. A gasfitter will correctly size a central heating system for your house in the most efficient and cost- effective way.

You really can’t compare this to a single heat pump which can heat a single room or small area of your home. You’d need at least a couple of heat pumps and still wouldn’t achieve the all-over warmth of ducted central heating. There are options for a whole house ducted heat pump system, but the cost of this can be substantially more than gas-powered central heating.

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