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Heating accounts for around one third of your energy bill, so choosing the right system is important. Not only this, you want heating at home that won’t add moisture, but will keep you warm, dry and comfortable. Natural gas heating feels better all over, with tons of different options to suit any home. Connect to gas today to experience great gas heating.

Quick and cosy central heating

You’ll have heard of central heating, that wonderful thing that heats our whole home, so it is luxuriously comfortable and warm all over. Did you know it could be ducted under your house, in your walls or in your roof space depending on your home layout? Did you also know that some larger flame-effect fires can be ducted and act like central heating, transferring warm air around your home? Radiators are another style of central heating, using warmed water to warm you up, and not to forget about underfloor heating!

Compact heaters - a heat pump equivalent

For an economical choice, natural gas has a heat pump equivalent that Rinnai call the Energysaver. This is a space heater that is compact and located on the floor – no big box high up on your wall blowing air on you! Energysavers are flued and won’t add dampness to your home, they’re also incredibly efficient and are small but put out a lot of powerful heat.

Gorgeous gas fireplaces

Some people say nothing beats the cosy warmth and ambiance of a gas flame-effect fireplace. No mess, no fuss, simply push a button and watch those flames flicker away. Another great thing about gas fires is the huge variety of styles and sizes, and most brands offer the option to customise. Some styles can retrofit into your existing woodburner space too. Plus don’t forget you can get outdoor gas fires to keep you toasty once the sun goes down in your backyard.

From compact and economical space heaters to fabulous flame-effect fires to whole-home central heating ducting, radiators or underfloor. The possibilities are great when you go with natural gas heating! Discover more about natural gas heating.

The beauty of energising your home with gas is that you can connect one system now and easily retrofit others in later.  Gas is ready to transform as we move towards a carbon-zero future. It really is the ultimate, affordable, comfort upgrade for your family. Take your home into the future and enjoy better living.

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We also have a very useful hot water cost comparison tool that compares upfront and running costs within our natural gas network regions. Find out whether a natural gas, electricity, LPG, or solar hot water system could be the right solution for you. Try our hot water cost comparison tool now.

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More possibilities

  • Youll love cold winter mornings with ducted central heating in your home


    Some would argue nothing beats the feeling of all-over warmth that natural gas central heating provides. Highly efficient and controllable, a ducted central heating system is an investment that could increase the resale value of your home – not that you’ll ever want to leave. If you’re installing central heating powered by natural gas, you may be able to connect to gas for free, which is even better.