Compact and convenient space heaters

Rinnai manufactures the Energysaver range, designed to give you a powerful and reliable heating source at home. If you’re connected to gas already, adding on a gas-powered space heater is simple and cost effective.

Easy, breezy and less wheezy

Installation is a breeze in most homes, and flued space heaters produce a dry heat that doesn’t add moisture or dampness to your home. Rinnai’s range of Energysavers come in different sizes so there’s one to make every home toasty-warm.

Unlike some heat pumps, these natural gas space heaters perform strongly and reliably no matter how cold it is outside.  Rinnai say their Energysavers will heat your home faster than a heat pump of the same output!

Tiny but mighty

Highly efficient with controlled warmth, you’ll find that natural gas is so powerful that when it comes to space heating, a little goes a long way.

Energysavers are compact space heaters at floor level, so heat is distributed through whole areas quickly. They have dual timers so you can set the heater to turn off and on according to your schedule, and they can run in economy mode.  Breathe easy with these compact space heaters and feel secure with smart safety features like the overheat safety device and child lock.

Gas-powered space heaters really are tiny but mighty!  

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