Roast a pepper on your hob

The fast and fuss-free way to chargrill a pepper using your gas hob. Yes, it really is that simple. Find out how to roast and peel your peppers the easy way and get tips on how to eat and enjoy them this spring and summer. Roasting your peppers deepens the flavour, adds a little smokiness and leaves the flesh soft, sweet and ready to be added to your favourite sauce, soup or dip.

Learn how to do it the Epicurious way in five easy steps:

1. Char 2. Flip 3. Steam 4. Clean 5. Stem

Or watch this YouTube clip.

Ready to turn your roasted peppers into delicious things to eat?

  1. Add them to your favourite pasta sauce
  2. Use them on homemade pizza or flatbread
  3. Stir gently into soft scrambled eggs
  4. Enjoy them in a summer salad
  5. Press them into a panini with cheese
  6. Add them to hummus and dips

Or why not try making Annabel Langbein’s Grilled Chilli Pepper Salsa.

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