Make the perfect gallery wall

Looking to add some life and style to your home? Look no further than a gallery wall. The perfect way to hang those frames you’ve been meaning to get up, while creating texture, style and warmth.

A gallery wall is a collection of items (frames, artwork etc.) displayed on a wall in your home. It’s a perfect way to spruce things up and create style, adding a whole bunch of life to a room!

There’s a few things to note to make your project work well.

Black and white artworks hanging on a wall.

1. Mix of art

Gallery walls don’t just have to be photos - in fact, a gallery wall of prints, quotes and even 3D items can be equally effective and make a space really pop. Generally photos and artwork don’t mix too well, so it’s a general rule to choose one or the other.

It’s recommended that if you choose to create a photo-only gallery wall, to keep your frames symmetrical and not too crazy to keep the focus on the photos themselves. Straight lines or squares work really well. Playing with the layout is perfect if you’re hanging up artwork and quotes. These items are already full of colour and shape, and it’s only complimented by laying them out in this way on your wall.


Blue tonal artworks on wall.

2. Tones

Keeping your prints/photos all a similar tone keeps your wall looking cohesive and put together. A mish-mash of many colours and textures that don’t compliment each other, is going to make the wall look messy and confused. For photos, some find having all black and white photos a great idea. Generally, when you put multiple photos or prints together, you’ll be able to see if they match well, or clash. 

Another tip on tones, is your frame choice. Most people stick to the same colour frames. Just like tip number one, there is more freedom if hanging artwork/quotes, to include a few accent frames here and there, i.e. generally black frames with a gold accent frame. Or frames all one colour but different textures.

With photos, you want the image to do the talking so sticking again to straight lines and a single colour is a great way to tie everything in together and make the main thing, the main thing.


Gallery wall with black and white wall art.

3. Orientation and size

You can have a bit of fun here - playing with the orientation and sizing of your frames.

Again, if working with photos - it’s great to keep the frames the same size and same orientation to keep the focus on your photos. You can play with the sizing of image to frame which can change things up - for example, you can have your photos fill the whole frame, or can have the photo surrounded by a white background (as seen above).

A general rule of thumb for hanging artwork and prints is to have your larger frames in the middle. Outside of this, you can pretty much run with whatever you like! Switching up the orientation and size of your frames can add texture and layers to your wall, making it fun and engaging.

Examples of how to layout gallery on feature wall.

4. Lay it out

A solid tip to save your time (and your walls!), is to lay out all your frames on the ground first (or taped up on the wall like the picture above). Put them in the order you like and keep playing with it until you’re happy. Think of that builder's quote “Measure twice, cut once.” Your fiddly measuring on the front end, will save you stress on the other side.

Accordingly measure and mark out your wall to ensure you place your frames correctly. A great tip if putting up more of a staggered gallery wall, is to put your larger middle frames up first and work your way out from there.

Bedroom with wall art hanging above bed.

5. Keeping space between frames the same

This is a great way to keep things symmetrical and balanced. The art of mastering a gallery wall is the fact that you can have a mix of shapes and sizes in different orientations but can keep it all symmetrical and well-balanced by its spacing. Genius! The recommended spacing for frames is 5-7 cms but you can really do anything that you think looks best for you space!

6. Layering

When designing a gallery wall, the options really are endless. So much so, that you don’t even need to limit it to only being frames hung on a wall! These options below show you just how effective layering frames and other items in different ways can be in boosting your home's style! Take inspiration and make a gallery wall in your home that is true to you and your family.

Black and white wall art on shelves.

This gallery wall is layered on bookshelves. It’s simple but so effective. The fact that they’re sitting on a shelf allows a mixture of photos, prints and items without them seeming out of place.

Wall with homely art.

This beautiful area is complemented by many items - prints, a clock, signage and even some old window frames - it’s rustic, warm and welcoming.

Lastly, if you need some help choosing prints, we’ve got you covered. These stores have a great selection of already created gallery wall prints you can buy in bulk - or you can search “prints” to find your own.

Gallery walls are an incredible piece of art in any home - put these tips above to the test in your own home to create a beautiful feature that your guests will be drawn to.

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