Kitchen appliances you are using wrong

Have you ever brought a kitchen item and never read the instructions before using it? *Raises hand*

We have!

Surely we know how it works right? Not always. We’ve created a list of items you most likely have in your kitchen and you might be surprised at what’s being used correctly.

Blender with smoothie ingredients.

Blending with solids at the bottom

The best way to blend anything is to put the liquids at the bottom of the cup. The swirl of the liquids blending pulls the solid ingredients downward to create an even blending! No more stopping and starting to shake the cup, attempting to get everything mixing back together!

Glad wrap.

Start pushing the tabs in on your glad wrap box!

There are little tabs on the sides of your glad wrap boxes that probably go unnoticed.

Did you know they’re actually there to hold the glad wrap in place so when you pull it out it’s not moving all over the place!

You’re welcome!

Casserole dish on a gas stove top.

Stop lifting the slow cooker lid while it's cooking

It’s tempting to have a quick sneaky peek at how well your food is cooking but… we’re here to say maybe don’t! Unless you want to wait longer for your food…

Opening the lid of your slow cooker while it’s cooking lets heat escape which in turn, prolongs the length of time it’ll take to get your food cooking. It’s better to keep it shut and look through the top of the lid (if it’s glass), otherwise wait till you’re in the last hour of cooking time to have a look.

Garlic crusher with garlic.

Putting your garlic press in the dishwasher

Ever wondered why you put your garlic press in the dishwasher and it still comes out dirty? Garlic is super sticky so won’t actually come out in the dishwasher! Instead, you should always hand wash this tool to make sure you’ve got all the little bits that might have got stuck! 


The secret measuring tool

The hole in your spaghetti spoon is just to drain water right? No! Can you believe it’s actually the size of the perfect serving of spaghetti?!
Before putting a whole packet of spaghetti in your pot, measure out your dry spaghetti in the hole of the spoon to make sure you have the right servings for everyone! Say goodbye to wasted spaghetti at the end of your cooking.

Putting vegetables in the microwave.

Square plates in the microwave

Have you ever put a square plate or container in your microwave to heat your food and it comes out so unevenly heated?

That’s because a microwave is designed to evenly heat a circular plate, hence the circular glass plate at the bottom of the microwave. When a square plate or container is put in, the corners will attract more heat and most likely burn your food before the centre has had time to fully heat through. 

Pots hanging on kitchen wall.

Your saucepan's handle is for what?!

Most saucepan handles have a hole in it - why is that? Surely not just for “looks” or to hang them up from a pot rack right?

To our surprise, the hole in the handle is actually for your sauce spoons! Instead of having to lay it down on the counter with food on it, you stick the spoon upright in the handle’s hole and as crazy as it sounds, you’ll actually find it sticks up straight!

That’s one to try at dinner tonight! 

These hacks were all “aha!” moments for us and hopefully they make your meal times that little bit easier, or at least make you want to run to the kitchen to see these tips in action - we know that’s where we’re heading!

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