Renovate with the future in mind

We all know that the world around us is changing and right now many of us are staying put in our homes and renovating for more space, more comfort and better living. 

You might suddenly have an overseas holiday budget available, or maybe the housing market is just too hard to buy and sell in. Whatever the reason, home improvement is on the rise in New Zealand. Take your home renovation into the future by including gas in your plans today.

Run multiple bathrooms off one hot water system 
Gas is an efficient and smart energy option. Future proof your bathroom renovation with natural gas hot water. Simply install one continuous flow hot water unit (also called instantaneous or infinity hot water) and get powerful, endless hot water delivered to multiple bathrooms at the same time. Create the flexibility to add that ensuite now or later! 

Gas heating options for any home and budget
A well-insulated home with good heating is a home improvement that many people say makes the most difference to the comfort of their homes.  Many older Kiwi homes are still cold, damp and hard to heat, and gas offers all sorts of heating options to suit any home and any budget. 

From ducted or radiator central heating, space heaters that are an efficient heat pump equivalent, and gorgeous flame fireplaces, the options for gas heating range from small to big. You’ll love how quickly gas warms your home, keeping it dry and healthy and oh, so cosy! 

The better living goes on and on…
Kitchens are often high on the renovation ‘must do’ list, and you’ll have heard that all the best chefs prefer cooking with gas. A gas cooktop gives you precision, performance and control at your fingertips and it’s really easy to swap out your old oven and cooktop for a new one.

Have you thought about the outdoors in your plans? You can comfortably take gas outside, with outdoor fires keeping you cosy when the sun goes down and natural gas BBQs plugging into bayonet points so you’ll never run out of gas mid-cook. We hear that the latest trend is turning your stay-cation into a spa-cation, with spa pools being in hot demand. Did you know you can heat both spa and swimming pools with gas and they heat faster than using electricity?

The beauty of energising your home with gas is that you can connect one system now and easily retrofit others in later.  Gas is ready to transform as we move towards a carbon-zero future. It really is the ultimate, affordable, comfort upgrade for your family. Take your home into the future and enjoy better living.

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