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The possibilities

Outdoor area with a patio, lawn, pool and gas barbeque

Easy living both indoors and out

Entertaining is something New Zealanders love to do, and especially in the backyard when the weather allows.  Natural gas is luxurious and allows you to be the ultimate entertainer no matter the season. 

Let your guests lounge about enjoying the ambience of your sleek and stunning flame-effect fire, while you take control in the kitchen, Masterchef-style. When you’re ready to move the party outdoors, simply push a button to spark up your outdoor gas fireplace or take a seat round your gas firetable and keep the good times rolling. Got visitors staying? Have confidence knowing everyone will have a hot shower with natural gas continuous flow. You may opt for the flexibility of zoning your central heating, so you can switch areas of your house on and off, depending on which rooms require heating.  

You’ll love that natural gas performs just as well outside your home as it does inside. Your natural gas-powered BBQ will never run out mid-cook, and gas swimming pool and spa heaters round out the ultimate natural gas entertainer’s toolkit. Get free-flowing inspiration - check out our natural gas appliance gallery now. 
Control panel for smart technology at home

Looks good and is so smart

Get in touch with technology with natural gas-powered appliances. Wow your friends with your 'smart home' and show off with automation and programming to streamline living at your place. 

Control is firmly in the palm of your hand with smart heating apps for your gas fire and programmable zoning for central heating systems. Gas cooktops come with a flame failure safety device and easy-clean designs. In the bathroom, choose a hot water system with a deluxe controller that allows you to set the exact water temperature, fill the bath and let you know when it’s ready - this is not only smart and efficient, but safe for little ones. Get your wishlist started - view the appliance gallery.

Happy couple cooking a meal on gas cooktop

Clever kitchen creations

Embrace the power of natural gas in your kitchen and become the culinary guru you’ve always dreamed of. Gas hobs are fast, hot, and precise. Cook at low temperatures for the perfect melted chocolate, or crank it up instantly to sear a succulent steak. 

The power and performance of natural gas is matched by the beautiful design of modern gas appliances. Stylish cook tops look stunning and are a piece of cake to clean. Many ovens are dual fuel, so you can be cooking with gas up top and electric down below. With designs ranging from retro to modern, in multiple different colours, you can go as wild or as conservative as your tastes allow.

Looking at re-doing your kitchen? Renovation is the perfect opportunity to create the kitchen of your dreams and switch to natural gas for your cooking needs. It is a must-have for many.

Check out cooking appliances in our gallery now.

Outdoor gas flame effect fire

Heating your outdoor oasis

With natural gas outdoor fires and firetables, there’s really no need to head inside when the breeze picks up or the sun goes down. A fantastic range of fancy flame fires will let you find the perfect fit for your backyard paradise. 

Choose a casual rustic look or make an architectural statement with a sleek, contemporary design. Or pick a double-sided design that provides a stunning fireplace for your indoor living area and outdoor fire all in the same stylish unit. Outdoor gas appliances connect to a bayonet point - like a plug. Your gasfitter can install this in your outdoor space.

Whatever the look, it’s bound to add to the appeal of your home. If it comes time to sell, it could be just the feature that catches a buyer’s eye and turns ‘like it’ into ‘love it’.  

Clean burning and wet weather tested to guarantee exceptional performance, outdoor gas fires are a smart choice with no mess to deal with. Plus, there’s no bottle to fill so you’ll be toasty warm for as long as the flame glows.

Heating indoors is just as important, find out about better heating natural gas that’ll impress your friends.

Grilled kebabs on a gas barbecue

Outdoor BBQ master

You’ve just started to enjoy the aroma of your favourite snags sizzling on the barbeque and the gas bottle dies – leaving you with the choice of awkwardly whipping everything inside to finish cooking or making a mad dash to the service station. With natural gas-powered barbeques it doesn’t have to be that way…  

Get a natural gas powered barbeque and stay connected 24/7. Have your gasfitter install a bayonet point outdoors to plug your barbie into and get the gas flowing. Natural gas is a non-stop fuel supply that gives you the freedom to be the ultimate entertainer and keep the party rolling. Gasmate and Weber both have BBQ models that can be configured to run with natural gas.

View BBQ options in our appliance gallery, under cooking.

Kids playing in a backyard pool

Pool party host

Natural gas is an excellent option for heating your spa or swimming pool. Why? Because heating is fast and on-demand when you need it, and can easily maintain any temperature no matter the weather.  

Plus if you’re already using natural gas inside your home, you’ll get energy for around one-third the standard unit price of electricity. The same goes for other outdoor gas appliances too. With high efficiencies up to 97%, gas systems are designed for durability and low maintenance.

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