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Natural Gas feels better all over
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Natural gas feels better all over

Nothing quite compares to natural gas. A natural gas home is warm, dry and luxuriously comfortable. For most people, natural gas also offers big savings over electricity. It simply feels better all over.

If you live in Wellington, Taranaki, Manawatu or Hawkes’s Bay, we can probably connect your home for free – that’s a saving of around $2,000.  Choose hot water or central heating and ensure your home is within 40 metres of the gas pipe in your street - with easy access.  Read about our free connection conditions here.


Natural Gas offers you the ultimate in:

Gas at Home

Using Natural Gas

Special Offers

Bosch 26e for $2995

Bosch 26e for $2995

Get continuous hot water by Bosch installed by RAYGAS for $2995. Includes bonus premium main controller worth $209.

Genesis Gas Plans

Genesis Gas Plans

Pay the same amount each month for your natural gas but get the freedom to use more than you pay for.