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The possibilities

Woman enjoying a bath

Bathroom benefits

Renovating with natural gas continuous hot water is a big home improvement that can add comfort and convenience to your home.

One great thing about this practical home renovation is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to say goodbye to cold showers and hello to an endless stream of hot water.  

Include natural gas in your plans and build in endless hot water for those luxurious soaks in the bath - and for those teenagers with their long showers. No more knocking on the door to hurry the kids out of the bathroom, with natural gas continuous flow you won’t run out of hot water. But the benefits don’t stop there. 

Gain cupboard space and add value to your home – lose that cylinder and swap for a continuous flow system that is externally mounted on the side of your house. 

Power multiple bathrooms with one continuous hot water system - this is great if you’re planning an ensuite extension.

Hot water powered by natural gas is a practical home improvement that doesn’t require a big budget. Expect to pay around $2,300-$3,800 for the system installed and ready to go (costs indicative and dependent on appliance choice and home layout. A gasfitter can accurately quote you for supply and installation).

Plus, if you're within 40 metres of the gas main, you’ll likely get a free connection to natural gas from The Gas Hub, saving you around $2,000 to spend on your renovations. Find out more about better hot water with natural gas.

Building plans laid out

Renovate the right way

Many older New Zealand homes are cold, damp and hard to heat. It’s disappointing but not unusual to discover the home you’ve moved into isn’t up to scratch when it comes to energy efficiency. Natural gas can change that, with endless hot water and cosy heating solutions that are affordable and provide outstanding performance.

If you’ve decided to renovate, take the opportunity to insulate properly and install energy efficient natural gas hot water and heating. You won’t regret it – especially when you experience the flexibility, convenience and performance of modern gas appliances.

Many people see natural gas as future proofing. Put in a continuous flow hot water system as part of a bathroom renovation now, and know that when you're ready to add-on an ensuite, your hot water system can easily handle two bathrooms. 

Natural gas is the ultimate comfort upgrade for your family and it’s affordable. And don’t forget, you can take natural gas outside too, with outdoor fires, natural gas BBQs that plug in to bayonet points, spas and swimming pools. Find out more about how the power and performance of natural gas can suit your luxury lifestyle.

Stylish living room with gas flame effect fire

Loving luxurious living

Fancy a sleek double-sided fireplace? Radiators painted in bold colours as a feature? You can get the statement look you’re after with natural gas. For something more basic, space heaters are comparable to heat pumps, they don’t take up a lot of room and a little gas goes a long way.

Natural gas appliances are just as clever at working quietly and efficiently behind the scenes too – like unobtrusive central ducted gas heating systems with minimalist floor, ceiling or wall grilles.

There are many types of heating options to every situation, whether building new or retrofitting. Find out more about better heating with natural gas.
Happy couple cooking a meal on gas cooktop

Clever kitchen creations

Embrace the power of natural gas in your kitchen and become the culinary guru you’ve always dreamed of. Gas hobs are fast, hot, and precise. Cook at low temperatures for the perfect melted chocolate, or crank it up instantly to sear a succulent steak. 

The power and performance of natural gas is matched by the beautiful design of modern gas appliances. Stylish cook tops look stunning and are a piece of cake to clean. Many ovens are dual fuel, so you can be cooking with gas up top and electric down below. With designs ranging from retro to modern, in multiple different colours, you can go as wild or as conservative as your tastes allow.

Looking at re-doing your kitchen? Renovation is the perfect opportunity to create the kitchen of your dreams and switch to natural gas for your cooking needs. It is a must-have for many.

Check out cooking appliances in our gallery now.

Family on building site with builder

Plan to get the most from natural gas when building new

Talk to many Kiwis building a new home or renovating an existing one and you’ll find natural gas is a priority in their plans.  Make natural gas part of your plans from the very start. That way you can improve energy efficiency and save on building costs through sharp design - like locating rooms that require hot water closer together.  

You can also help future proof your new home. Often budgets are tight, so even if your initial idea is to use natural gas for hot water only, plan to have the gas pipework and outlets installed now so you can hook up other natural gas appliances at a later date. Install bayonet points in outdoor living areas so you can move around outdoor gas appliances. Get inspired for your building or renovation project - take a look at gorgeous gas appliances in our gallery.

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David and Leone talking about their gas story

David and Leone have a unique story, their home burned down due to their woodburner. Natural gas was the natural choice to rebuild and make their new home feel better all over

David and Leone's gas story, Wellington
Steph sharing her gas story at home

The shower is Steph’s happy place and with a busy family, having enough hot water for showers and the washing machine is a necessity. Including natural gas hot water as part of any renovation is a 'no-brainer'.

Steph's gas story, Wellington
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