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Nothing quite compares to natural gas. Warm, dry and luxuriously comfortable a natural gas home just feels better all over. It can also offer big savings over electricity. We think everyone deserves a little (or a lot of) natural gas in their life, so we’re connecting as many people as possible for free – saving you around $2,000.

95% of homes on our gas network qualify for a free connection. If you can get the tick on these three conditions, we can probably connect you for free.

  1. You’re installing a natural gas hot water or central heating system.
  2. Your house (or likely meter box location) is within 40 metres of the gas main in your street.
  3. Access from the street to your house isn’t too complicated. 

Ready to connect? Head over and make a connection enquiry

Need more detail? Read the terms & conditions for residential gas connections.

Can you connect to natural gas for free?

Our gas network flows through Wellington, Taranaki, Manawatu and Hawke's Bay

Things that could affect the estimated 20 day connection time frame

  • Site visit may be required
  • Council consents if required
  • Bad weather
  • Emergency work
  • High demand
  • Energy retailer application

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