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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Some legal stuff you should know - Terms and conditions you will find on this page 

Sorry to spoil the fun – but as a business we have to slot in a bit of legal stuff to keep everything running smoothly and to make sure we are all on the same page (click to jump to the relevant section).

General Terms of Use ( and

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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, store, use and share your personal information, in the context of this website and in the course of our gas network business.  We can update this Privacy Policy from time to time by publishing a new version to this website.

In this Privacy Policy, “we”, “us” and “our” means Powerco Limited or any related brand providing you with our services, such as The Gas Hub.  Also, “personal information” has the same meaning as in the Privacy Act 1993.


We collect your personal information:


We use your personal information for various purposes:

Sharing your personal information

We may provide your personal information to our employees, contractors, advisors, agents and third party service providers, where we believe this is appropriate to help us with any of the purposes specified above.  We will take reasonable steps to ensure that those recipients do not use that personal information for any other purpose.

We may also release personal information when we believe this is appropriate for legal compliance and law enforcement (including to government agencies with statutory law enforcement responsibilities), or to facilitate court proceedings, enforce our rights, or protect our company, our customers, or others.

We can also release personal information in other ways permitted by the Privacy Act 1993.

Credit monitoring and reporting

We may use credit reporting agencies to monitor your creditworthiness while you owe us money.  This means we may give your information to those agencies, and they may give us other information they hold on you, including updates if any of the information that a credit reporting agency holds about you has changed.  We may also let credit reporting agencies know when you have and haven’t met your payment obligations to us. 

Credit reporting agencies may use the information provided by us to update their credit reporting databases.  When other individuals and organisations use the credit reporting agencies’ services, they may be provided with this updated information.


We will take reasonable steps to ensure the security of your personal information. 

Access to your personal information

You have rights under the Privacy Act 1993 to find out what personal information we hold about you, to get a copy of that information, and/or to request corrections to that information.  If you would like to do any of these things, please contact our Privacy Officer by emailing

Where we receive information about others from you

If you provide us with personal information about someone else, you must ensure that you are authorised to disclose that information to us, so that, without us taking any further steps required by applicable data protection or privacy laws, we may collect, use and disclose such information for the purposes described in this privacy policy.

This means that you must take reasonable steps to ensure the individual concerned is aware of and/or consents to the various matters detailed in this policy, including the fact that their personal information is being collected, the purposes for which that information is being collected, the intended recipients of that information, the individual's right to obtain access to that information, our identity, and how to contact us.


When you use our website, we may gather certain information automatically and store it in log files. This information may include internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, referring/exit pages, operating system, date/time stamp, and clickstream data.

We may use non-personalised statistics about the use of our website to monitor site traffic, to analyse trends, to gather demographic information about our user base as a whole, to improve our website and to improve customer service. These statistics do not comprise personal information.

In addition, Powerco may use third party cookies from Google Analytics. This includes features which give us insight into behavioural information relating to visitor age, gender and interests on an anonymous and aggregate level, and who has viewed our advertising on other websites. This helps us to understand browsing behaviour to give a better experience whilst visiting our website, and to optimise our advertising, including on and outside our website.  You can access Google's Privacy Policy here.

Domain information

Powerco collects domain information as part of its analysis of the use of this site. This allows us to gather broad demographic information only, such as what country you are from or what ISP you use. Your computer's IP address does not provide any personal details.  We use this information to improve our web-based offerings. This information is collected automatically and requires no action on your part.

In general, you can visit our site without telling us who you are or divulging any personal information unless you choose to do so.


Some pages on this site use "cookies," which are small files that the site places on your hard drive for identification purposes. These files are used for site registration and customisation so the next time you visit us the site can recall your previous selections. Cookies cannot read data on your hard drive. Your web browser may allow you to be notified when you are receiving a cookie, giving you the choice to accept it or not. By not accepting cookies, some pages may not fully function and you may not be able to access certain information on this site.

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Complaints Process

If you have any problems or concerns regarding your natural gas supply, please contact your retailer. If your concern is regarding the service you have received from The Gas Hub or Powerco please phone 0800 769 372 or email NOC customer services at  and we will endeavor to fix the problem or reach an acceptable solution. Powerco's internal complaints process is free for consumers to use.

Please supply the following information to help us respond to your query:

Powerco is a member of Utilities Disputes Ltd. If you make a formal complaint or dispute, once we receive this we have 20 working days to find out what went wrong and try to fix the problem. Powerco may notify complainants in writing that it could take up to 40 working days to resolve a complaint, where a good reason exists.   If after this period we have not reached an acceptable solution, you may decide to take the complaint to Utilities Disputes Ltd. This is a free service, contactable at:

Utilities Disputes reverse logo

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Residential Gas Connection Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

This Contract, between you (Customer, you and your) and Powerco Limited (Powerco, we, us and our), is for the connection (Connection) of your property to our natural gas distribution network (Connection). The Contract is made up of:

Note: this contract does not relate to the supply of natural gas by energy retailers. Powerco is not an energy retailer.

2. Connection Charges

We have reviewed your Application and the letter accompanying these terms confirms whether or not there will be a charge for your Connection. The conditions for a free connection are set out in our Gas Distribution Capital Contribution Guide. ( If you do not meet the conditions for a free connection, the Confirmation of Gas Connection Charges form advises you what the charge will be for your Connection and an invoice will be sent on completion of your Connection. If we do not receive the full amount by the due date, we reserve the right to charge you any costs incurred in recovering outstanding money owed to us, together with default interest at 8% per annum on all overdue amounts, calculated daily and compounding monthly.

3. Additional Charges

If circumstances change, or it becomes clear that the conditions for a free connection (referred to above) are not met, we may charge you additional charges for your Connection. If that occurs we will stop working on your Connection, we will tell you what additional charges are payable, and we may ask you to pay those charges before completing your Connection.

4. Gas Connection Confirmation

If we contributed some, or all, of the cost of your Connection, we may seek confirmation that you installed (within 12 months after your Connection) the appliances (or similar) you specified in your Application. We will do that by checking that a gas certificate was issued in respect of those appliances. (We may ask you to provide us with a copy of each gas certificate or we may search the public register of gas certificates operated by the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board). If gas certificates do not indicate that you have installed the specified appliances within 12 months after your Connection, you will need to pay us the full cost of your Connection which is up to $5,000 (plus GST), depending on the work involved and the region.

5. Trenching

We will lay the pipe from our gas main to your meter location in the most cost efficient route. If our contractors need to dig a small trench on your property to complete your Connection, we will take all reasonable care to minimise inconvenience to you and, as far as possible, we will reinstate the trench to the existing conditions. If you are providing an open trench, the trench must meet our standards.  Email or call us at 0508 427 482 to request trench specifications.

6. Gas Meter Location

For residential connections, your gas meter must be on your property boundary, along the front of your house, or no more than three metres back from the front left or right side of your house. We can vary this to maintain clearances of one metre from any opening vent, window, door, and any permanently connected electrical appliance, switchboard or metering board, or any permanently connected gas appliance or flue. For non-residential connections, your gas meter will be located where we consider appropriate after an assessment has been carried out. If possible, we will install your meter in your preferred location. Email or call us at 0508 427 482 to request gas meter location specifications.

7. Access to your property

If your Connection needs to cross property owned by another person (such as a right of way), or owned jointly with another person (such as a cross-leased section), you will need to get each owner’s consent to the Connection, using our standard consent form (email or call us at 0508 427 482 to request a form). Where your Connection needs to cross property owned by another person, you must also provide us with a copy of the easement allowing you to lay pipes and convey gas across their property before we begin your Connection.  We may also require site plans.

8. Ownership

We own all the equipment associated with your Connection up to the meter. We may also own the meter (although a meter service provider may own the meter instead of us). You must take reasonable care to make sure that the connection pipe and meter are not interfered with or damaged. After giving you reasonable notice, we can enter your property to check and maintain the connection and the meter.

9. Cancellation

If you cancel your Connection after we have begun work on it, we may charge you the costs that we have incurred as a cancellation charge. You must pay the cancellation charge regardless of how much the agreed connection and additional charges were going to be.

10. Privacy

We will hold all information you provide to us, and make it available to you, as required by the Privacy Act 1993.


Although natural gas has an excellent safety record, it must be treated with respect to prevent accidents. You must ensure that a registered Craftsman Gasfitter installs or converts your appliances, and certifies them as required by law. You must keep them in a safe condition. Please refer to our website for gas safety information by visiting or call us at 0508 427 482.

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Hot Water Comparison Tool - Results Dashboard Terms General Overview

Powerco created this Website to provide information about the benefits of using natural gas.  It’s for information purposes only.  While Powerco endeavored to ensure that the information on it, and that is provided through using the cost comparison tools, is accurate, Powerco does not warrant that the information is accurate, complete, or that it can appropriately be used for your intended purpose.  Powerco is not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind that you may suffer by accessing this Website or using the information on it, including any loss or damage from your use of the cost comparison tools, or reliance on the results from using the tools.  Those results are, of course, estimates.

How do the cost comparison tool work? – What’s happening behind the scenes?


Powerco has provided the following cost comparison tools:

  1. Appliance costs
  2. Annual running costs
  3. Cost per shower
  4. Carbon emissions

The cost comparison tools access results generated by a modelling tool.  Powerco engaged Concept Consulting Group Limited to create that model.  (Concept Consulting Group is an independent specialist energy consulting group that provides services in New Zealand, Australia and the wider Asia- Pacific region). There is also occasional reference within the comparison tool to parts of reports prepared by Concept Consulting Group including those on Consumer Energy Options (2012) and Direct Use of Gas in NZ (2010).  The model works by estimating actual hot water usage from user inputs and applying installation and running costs. The model itself is pretty complicated, but Powerco thinks that the estimated results produced by the comparison tools are as accurate and as useful as they reasonably can be. 

Where does the data used in the cost comparison tools come from?

What happens to this data?

  1. With the electricity data, we produce an average retailer pricing per region (within Powerco’s network).   
  2. With the LPG data, we calculate the average price in each of Powerco’s five main gas supply regions.

What is assumed?

  1. That the data used in the costs comparison tools is correct.
  2. When a cost comparison involving solar energy is provided, we assumed that there was a full system replacement.
  3. Gas daily fixed charges may be included, or excluded, from the calculations depending on the user’s preference.
  4. That bathing water temperature is 40 degrees and the shower flow rate is set at the average New Zealand rate of 8.9 litres per minute.
  5. For calculations involving efficiency of an appliance, an old appliance is compared to a new appliance when reviewing a household hot water scenario.  With scenarios for replacing an appliance or New Builds, the comparison uses two new appliances for the calculation.  
  6. All pricing is based on there being one, externally mounted, gas hot water heating appliance only (which is usually the case with standard house design).  A complex house design might mean that there needs to be more than one gas hot water heating appliance.
  7. That users will get any discount for direct debit/electronic/prompt payment.  This is reflected in the prices shown through the cost comparison tools.

What are the limitations on your use of the results?

  1. The sharpest pricing for gas is based on the cheapest single base retailer gas pricing offered by Contact Energy, Genesis Energy and Nova Energy.  It is determined by taking into account their daily fixed charges and variable pricing for standard and low users and applying them to the selections users make in using the cost comparison tools.  A sharpest pricing result will display the gas retailer identified as having the cheapest pricing for the relevant comparison results.  The sharpest pricing can vary between Powerco regions and can change with comparisons.  (This does not take into account pricing based on dual fuel pricing; that is, where both gas and electricity are purchased from the same retailer because that’s just too complicated.)
  2. The results are just estimates. 
  3. Any suggestions made in connection with the results generated through a cost comparison tool, are just that – suggestions.  We do think that they will useful for you to decide whether, and how, to take your decision making further.
  4. Prices change.  Powerco can’t keep the cost comparison tools data up to date on a day-to-day basis.  Users should confirm actual prices with gas retailers (and not just those gas retailers used for the cost comparison tools) before making any decisions.
  5. Appliance installation charges can vary quite a lot between installers.  If you do decide to go ahead to install an appliance, if possible, you should get quotes from more than one installer.
  6. The results only take account of the value of any voucher if:      

    a. the voucher is valid at that time, and      

    b. the user has nominated that voucher.      

  7. We haven’t taken into account:       

    a. any interest charges on any expenditure       

    b. any maintenance costs on appliances       

    c. the residual, or realisable, value of any appliance being replaced by a new appliance       

    d. any disconnection fees or similar fees involved with switching energy sources or appliances (for example, a user’s existing energy provider contract may attempt to limit the user's ability  to change)    

    e. any additional installation charges (say, new pipes)       

    f. any costs arising from removing and disposing of any replaced appliances.       

    g. any implications in changes in use of electricity changing the applicable tariff structure (say, from standard user to lower user).

  8. All prices include GST.
  9. With LPG pricing, we included bottle delivery and rental charges.
  10. The hot water appliance is based on present home occupant demand (and not potential level of home occupancy).  For example, pricing will be based on the user nominated two people occupants; rather than the fact that they live in a six bedroom house.
  11. Appliance options have not been provided specifically for energy efficiency (we haven’t cherry picked only those appliances with high energy efficiency ratings).
  12. The results exclude:       

a. dual fuel discounts (that is, where both gas and electricity are purchased from the same energy retailer) and any form of one off discount, bonus points, fixed term schemes 

b. the cost of your connection to Powerco’s natural gas distribution line (because you’re probably going to get a free connection anyway)  

c. electricity daily fixed charges because everyone will still need to use electricity for some appliances, like fridges, so the comparison reflects the fact that users will not save the full amount of electricity daily fixed charges by switching to natural gas space and water heating. 

Vouchers or Special Offers Terms

A voucher may have its own specific terms.  Those specific terms take precedence over these general terms.


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The Quick Connect Solution is not available to you if:

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