Nothing beats gas energy

Whether you are a sole trader like a café, or a large manufacturer, school or chain of sushi shops; nothing comes close to gas energy for energising your business.

You may know The Gas Hub connects homes to natural gas, but did you know we also connect small businesses to our network and custom make gas energy solutions for large industrial business too? 

Gas is energising local business

When it comes to a commercial laundry, heating your local community swimming pool or reticulating a new subdivision – nothing compares to the cost efficiencies, performance, precision and reliability of natural gas. 

Our customers share why they choose gas to operate their business and about working in partnership with Powerco. Our commercial gas team, who can custom design solutions where gas is used to cook, heat spaces or water on a large scale.

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New homeowners insist on gas

We meet Rod, a local subdivision housing developer in Churton Park.

Find out how nothing beats gas when it comes to giving new homeowners what they want. Increasingly, we hear how families are demanding the luxury of gas for central heating, continuous hot water, cooking and outdoor entertaining in a new home. Hear how developers help Powerco plan their network in line with the future growth. They also share their confidence around future energies, like Hydrogen gas for subdivision neighbourhoods.

Clean energy

We meet Gareth of Executive Laundry, a commercial laundry in Petone.

Find out how nothing beats gas for hot soapy water and hot air for drying when it comes to dirty linen. Hear how the team uses gas to ensure the sheets and tablecloths are crisp and clean for local hotels, hospitals and retirement homes.

Gareth shares with us, how his team particularly value the reliability of gas and precision control required in a commercial laundry. 

Active communities

We meet Royce of Upper Hutt City Council, who own H2O Xtream aquatic centre in the Hutt Valley.

Find out how nothing beats gas when it comes to heating one million litres of hot water for this local swimming pool so that locals can enjoy a warm swim, hot spa or wild slide ride. Hear how they value their relationship with Powerco when it comes to partnership and keeping them informed about sustainable options for future gas energy.

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Gas energy can meet your energy needs today and towards a sustainable future 

The beauty of energising your business with gas, is that your address may already be able to connect to our network. Check your address to see if you can connect today. Alternatively, contact one of our account managers to work with you directly, we can custom design a solution for your energy needs. Plus gas is ready to transform as we move towards a carbon-zero future, let us share our vision with you. Take your company into the future and enjoy better business.

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