We support Aotearoa's drive toward a carbon zero future and have confidence that innovative, new zero carbon gases will see gas continuing to play an important role in our country's energy mix.

On Wednesday 9 June the Climate Change Commission made public it's final report to Government, recommending actions to significantly reduce emissions in Aotearoa.  It doesn't propose a ban on new connections from 2025, but recommends a date is set once there is clarity around the contribution future gases can make in decarbonising New Zealand.

You can continue to connect to gas with confidence today; as we move towards a future energised with renewable and low or zero carbon gases. Trials of biogas and green hydrogen gas are currently being developed in New Zealand, to help us move to a lower carbon future. 

It's just the beginning of a new journey for us to an even better future together.

Gas energy has a bright future

The flame isn't going out. Kiwi gas users can be confident that the flame isn't going out as we make a shift to future low and zero carbon gases.

Gas energy is here to stay, but it will be changing. Future gases like renewable hydrogen gas and biogas will help Aotearoa get to 100% renewable energy. Green hydrogen gas, made from renewable energy and water, can be used on its own or blended with natural gas to reduce carbon emissions. Renewable biogas is produced through the breakdown of organic waste (e.g. compost).

Gas energy is an important part of our energy future. The Climate Change Commission advice to the government acknowledges the role that green gases can play in decarbonising New Zealand’s economy and reducing the impact of climate change on our environment.

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The love affair with gas isn't over

Recent events might have shaken you, and caused you to ask, “Is this the end?” We want you to know that the love affair is far from over.

Every Kiwi comfort lover knows that a home connected to gas is luxuriously comfortable. Toasty winter evenings spent snuggling on the sofa, lavishly long hot baths and creating and enjoying countless delicious dinners together.

Gas energy and comfort lovers are the perfect pairing. There's no need to break up with gas energy if you are already connected, gas will continue to come down your pipes, well after this date in to the future. We envisage future gases will start to be blended with existing gases in the next 3-5 years.

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New Zealand has plenty of gas

You may have heard we are running out of gas or that natural gas and LPG will be turned off in the next few years? In fact Aotearoa has plenty of gas for Kiwi homes. 

As some industries look to electrify their manufacturing, more gas will become available to use to power our homes for decades to come. The gas appliances you purchase today for cooking and heating your home and water, will have a lifespan on average of 15-20 years.

Today's gases are proposed to be phased out by 2050; this is not approved, but at this stage just recommended. We know that renewable, low and zero carbon gases are on the way to take the place of natural gas and LPG.

In the future, excess renewable electricity may be used to generate hydrogen gas. Blending gases will be an important part of our journey as we scale up green gas energy. Most modern appliances are already able to run on a blend of natural gas and biogas or green renewable hydrogen gas (up to 20%). 

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Introducing our blended gas family

Innovative new gases like hydrogen gas and biogas will help us move to even cleaner gas energy alternatives.

Did you know around 90% of our gas pipe network (and 100% of our new subdivisions), are compatible and ready to deliver zero carbon gases like hydrogen gas to your home? In fact, blend trials of renewable, low and zero emission gases are being developed in New Zealand now. 

There is a lot of potential too around biogas, which can be generated from converting decomposing organic matter like landfill or agricultural and forestry waste.

Renewable gases can not only be used in our gas pipes direct to homes, but could also be used  to generate electricity when renewables can not meet peak demand. That is when the lakes are low, the wind is not blowing and the sun not shining!

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Gas has a future energising tomorrow's homes

Our vision for the future confidently continues to have gas energy powering your home.

Over 430,000 homes, that's around a quarter of Kiwi households, use gas for cooking, hot water or heating. Homes using gas produce less than 1% of New Zealand's total greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. 

Modern gas appliances are energy efficient, and most can take a blend of natural gas and biogas or hydrogen gas.

Future appliances will be able to take 100% renewable and zero emission gases - so your teenagers will still be able to enjoy those endless hot showers

Find out more about gas for home today

The beauty of energising your home with gas is that you can connect one gas appliance now and easily add or retrofit others in later. Gas is ready to transform as we move towards a zero carbon future. It really is the ultimate, affordable, comfort upgrade for your family. We are on a journey together to take your home into the future and enjoy a better Aotearoa. You can connect to gas with confidence - explore more about the comfort, cost and control benefits of gas