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If you’re connected to gas now or thinking about connecting, it’s worth knowing you can continue to connect to gas with confidence today; as we move towards a future energised with renewable and low or zero carbon gases.  

Gas energy is here to stay, but it will be changing. We support New Zealand’s drive toward a carbon-zero future for a better Aotearoa, and  believe that innovative, new zero carbon future gases will see gas continuing to play an important role in our country's energy mix.



There is no current ban on new gas connections

The Climate Change Commission has not proposed a ban on new gas connections from 2025 but instead recommend the government sets a date, once a national energy strategy is developed and there is more clarity around the contribution future gases can make in decarbonising New Zealand’s energy supply. This is in preparation and is expected to look at future options for natural gas and renewable gas.


The gas you turn on is not being turned off 

Natural gas will continue to be delivered to connected consumers until we’ve fully moved to new low and zero carbon gases. We envisage that future gases such as green hydrogen gas, biogas and bioLPG will start being introduced or blended with existing gases in the next 3-5 years.

Existing natural gas and LPG will continue to be delivered to consumers as the blends increase towards 100% future gases by 2050.

The government has stated that its work around the energy market’s ability to support the phase down of natural gas will consider affordability and equity impacts of transition for consumers, and implications for current gas infrastructure.  



New Zealand has plenty of gas

You may have heard that we are running out of gas. Aotearoa has plenty of gas for Kiwi homes.

As some industries look to electrify their manufacturing, more gas will become available to use to power our homes for decades to come. The gas appliances you purchase today for cooking and heating your home and water, will have a lifespan on average of 15-20 years.

In the future, extra renewable electricity may be used to generate hydrogen gas so that the energy created can be stored and used when its needed.  

Gas has a big part to play in New Zealand’s energy future 

Gas is vital for security of supply in our energy system. The Climate Change Commission’s advice to the government on achieving our climate and carbon emissions targets acknowledges the role that low and zero carbon gases can play in decarbonising New Zealand’s energy system and reducing the impact of climate change on our environment. 

The technology exists to supply a carbon-zero gas mix through the current natural gas network and in years to come the 18,000 kms of existing gas infrastructure will be integral for introducing future gases to homes and businesses across the country. 


How much does gas make up New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions?

The gas used in Kiwi homes makes up less than 1% of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions, while commercial and industrial gas users contribute 8%. It’s not much – but we think we can do better!
1% of carbon emissions – source: MoE New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2019, May 2019
The beauty of energising your home with gas is that you can connect one gas appliance now and easily add or retrofit others in later.

Gas is ready to transform as we move towards a zero carbon future. It really is the ultimate, affordable, comfort upgrade for your family. We are on a journey together to take your home into the future and enjoy a better Aotearoa.

You can connect to gas with confidence - explore more about the comfort, cost and control benefits of gas.

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