There’s a lot of excitement about the potential of green hydrogen as the frontrunner of renewable energy solutions. Hydrogen is not a primary energy source such as natural gas or wind. It can be made cleanly using just water and renewable electricity. 

Green hydrogen gas made from renewable energy can be stored to use it when we need it. 

Power to gas, and gas to power are both possibilities enabled by hydrogen. 



Biogas is a mixture of gases produced by the anaerobic breakdown of organic matter.  It can basically be made from anything you can compost such as agricultural waste, manure, plant material, sewage, green waste and even food waste such as scraps from your kitchen.  Biogas is chemically identical to natural gas, it is just created in a different way.


Biomethane is a biogas from which the carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and water have been removed. Biomethane is a clean burning, zero carbon gas that’s pipeline ready.



Other energy projects

The future of gas as part of New Zealand’s energy system looks bright.

To deliver carbon emission reductions in line with what the New Zealand government has committed to, we need innovation across the entire energy system.

There are multiple innovative energy projects involving hydrogen currently underway in New Zealand. Read more.