Gas will be changing

New Zealanders love natural gas. A home heated with gas is luxuriously comfortable, but we can’t use natural gas forever if we are serious about reducing our emissions. 

New renewable, low and zero carbon gases are the future. With hydrogen gas and biogas already being developed and trialled here in New Zealand and globally, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of gas as we move to tomorrow’s gas energy.

Modern gas appliances are efficient, and most can take a blend of natural gas and biogas or hydrogen gas. Future appliances will be able to take 100% renewable and zero emission gases.

A hydrogen demonstration home has launched in the UK. Video credit: Cadent Gas

Say hello to future gases

Future gases are already being used in demonstration homes globally. 

Blend trials of renewable, low and zero emission gases are soon to get underway.  Just like today’s gas, new gases will be subject to rigorous safety protocols and standards before they are available to homes and businesses.

Hydrogen’s potential is huge and there is a lot of potential too around biogas, which can be generated from converting decomposing organic matter like landfill or agricultural and forestry waste.

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Smart appliances

Major manufacturers are working on next generation appliances and internationally there are prototypes capable of burning either natural gas, hydrogen gas, and blended gases. 

Some can initially be run on natural gas before being switched over to hydrogen when the time is right. 

Other prototypes we’re seeing are smart enough to understand the fuel source, and can automatically calibrate to operate with whatever gas is coming down the pipe.

Local appliance industry experts anticipate these next generation appliances will become commonplace between 2025 and 2030.


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