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Enjoy all over comfort and warmth

Heating accounts for around one third of your energy bill, so choosing the right heating system is important. We all want to live in a home that’s warm and dry all year round. With natural gas you can; it simply feels better all over.

Natural gas is a powerful, affordable and fast way to heat your home. Flued gas appliances are designed to maintain a better air quality in your home. They are clean burning and radiate a warm, dry heat inside that is cosy and won’t add moisture or dampness to your home.

There's a solution for every home and every budget, from compact flued space heaters to ambient flame-effect fires, ducted central heating systems, radiators and underfloor heating. Enjoy better heating with natural gas. Read on further about gas heating options and visit our appliance gallery to get inspired

Love entertaining? Did you know that natural gas can help keep you warm in your backyard too? Find out about heating your outdoor oasis over here.
Bare feet on wooden floor with natural gas heating

Love cold winter mornings with ducted central heating

Some would argue nothing beats the feeling of all-over warmth that natural gas central heating provides. It's fast, taking your whole house from cold to cosy in next to no time as well as being economical, efficient and flexible. A gas ducted central heating system is an investment that will increase the value of your home – not that you’ll ever want to leave.

So how does it work?

Ducted central heating systems deliver warm air from a powerful heating unit connected to a series of outlets or ducts positioned strategically throughout your home, usually in the floor or ceiling, but also in walls. You have the option of zoning different areas of your home to different temperature settings. Programme each zone to turn on and off whenever you want, say, before you wake in the morning or come home from work. Some systems can be controlled via your smartphone for even more convenience.  

Gas central heating combats dampness as well as cold. Units deliver up to five complete air changes an hour – offering benefits for sufferers of asthma and other respiratory illnesses.  

You might be surprised how affordable it is to buy and install central gas heating to heat your whole home. Find out more about energy costs over here. If you’re installing central heating you’re also likely eligible for a free natural gas connection from The Gas Hub. Like to know more about connecting to gas? Head over to 'Get Connected'.

Contemporary living room with gas flame effect fire

Gorgeous gas flame-effect fires

Natural gas fireplaces come in an array of elegant designs ranging from classic to contemporary. Many modern gas fireplaces have 5 star efficiency ratings, so they cost less to run. Some people say they can't beat the ambience of a flame-effect fire combined with the push of a button control at your fingertips. Add the power of natural gas and you've got a high-performing mix!

Choose from utterly indulgent wide view flames to effortlessly efficient models that can be freestanding, wall mounted or fitted into an existing fireplace cavity. There is a size and design option for every home.

Because of their power, gas fires can heat a room quickly and some systems have an add-on vented heat transfer system to heat additional rooms, acting like central heating.  

As well as looking gorgeous, modern gas fireplaces – some of them made right here in New Zealand – incorporate some fantastic technology. Remote control, smartphone apps and programmable timers put you firmly in control. Set the fireplace to switch on before you get home and walk in the door to warmth.  

Healthy and safe, gas fireplaces are flued to the outside, keeping the air in your home clean and healthy, plus they have child-safe locks. 

Get inspired now, take a look at some different gas fires in our appliance gallery.

Energysaver gas space heater next to couch

Compact and convenient space heaters

Clean burning, economical and fast, flued natural gas space heaters are great for making living rooms, hallways and bedrooms nice and cosy. They’re a great alternative to a heat pump, being compact, controllable and child-friendly. 

Easy to install in most homes, flued space heaters produce a dry heat that doesn’t add moisture or dampness to your home. Rinnai’s range of Energysaver heaters come in different sizes so there’s one to suit every home.

Highly efficient with controlled warmth, you’ll find that natural gas is so powerful that when it comes to space heating, a little goes a long way. Some heaters are approved by the Asthma + Respiratory Foundation NZ and, unlike some heat pumps, natural gas space heaters perform strongly and reliably no matter how cold it is outside.
Modern radiator heater

Radiate warmth with radiators and underfloor heating

If you’ve lived in or visited Europe you’ll be familiar with the snug radiant warmth of radiator central heating and the comfort of underfloor heating. Powered by a natural gas boiler, radiators and underfloor heating are a really efficient way to heat your home. Choose a combi boiler to heat your water also and make extra savings. 

Modern radiators come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes to match your interior. They are a particularly safe option for children, older people and pets. Thermostatic control and programmable timers mean your can heat your home to suit your family. Radiators also reduce moisture and dampness inside for a drier and healthier home. Take a look at our appliance gallery to see classic and designer radiators.

Underfloor heating is most effective in kitchens and living areas with tiles or other hard floor coverings. It provides premium comfort from the ground up, and being in the floor, doesn’t restrict furniture placement.

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