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Graphic indicating a hot water cost comparison

Introducing the water heating cost comparison tool

Looking to compare gas prices in NZ? Use our water heating cost comparison tool to compare different options for heating the water at your place. The tool compares upfront and running costs within our natural gas network regions - Wellington, Taranaki, Manawatu and Hawke's Bay. 

Compare natural gas, electricity, LPG and solar hot water systems with the cost comparison tool. It only takes a few minutes to calculate the estimated running costs and upfront costs for your household and see how much you could save. Better still, you can have your results emailed to you for future reference. 
Graphic of house indicating free gas connection

Connect to gas for free

We think everyone deserves a little (or a lot of)  natural gas in their life, so we’re connecting as many people as possible for free – saving you around $2,000 in connection costs. If you live in Wellington, Taranaki, Hawke’s Bay or Manawatu and meet three pretty easy conditions, you can apply for a free natural gas connection. That’s a great head start toward getting the ultimate in comfort, control and cost at your place. Find out more about getting connected to gas over here.

Did you know just how many things in your home can be powered by natural gas? Like your hot water, heating and cooking - indoors and outdoors. In fact, natural gas can take care of 70% of a home’s energy needs.  And it’s affordable. Because natural gas costs around one-third the price of electricity per unit, the more natural gas you use instead of electricity, the more you’ll save on your energy bills.

Hands putting money into a piggy bank

Enjoy lower energy bills with natural gas

Smart appliance technology, outstanding efficiency and lower per kilowatt prices for natural gas mean lower energy bills for most homes. That's got to feel better! Even including retailer daily fixed charges, there are savings to be made. Using more than four big LPG bottles a year? You'll save money by converting to natural gas, even including the daily fixed charge.

Energy bills are made up of both fixed and per unit (variable) pricing. The fixed cost component of your gas bill charged by your energy retailer (called the 'daily charge') doesn’t change with the amount of appliances you have on gas or how much you use. The unit rate you pay for natural gas is about one-third the price of electricity per unit, so the more you use on gas, the more you can save.

There's a lot of competition in the energy market, and energy retailers are offering many different deals and incentives to join them for your gas and electricity supply. These can include special price plans, fixed monthly rates and credits on your bill, so it’s worth shopping around.

The Gas Hub's water heating cost comparison tool can help you compare running costs between natural gas hot water and other hot water systems, if you're in Wellington, Taranaki, Manawatu and the Hawkes Bay (our natural gas network regions).  

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Heating your whole home is a luxury you can afford

If you’ve experienced the all-over comfort of natural gas central heating, you’ll probably agree there’s nothing quite like it. Gas central heating systems can take your home from cold to cosy in next to no time. It’s a highly efficient way to heat every room in your home, not just one or two - so you won't need a heater in every room or multiple heat pumps. 

Ducted central heating systems are comparable in cost to a couple of heat pumps. If you already use natural gas for hot water, the per kilowatt hour or unit cost of heating your home with gas compared to electricity is a lot cheaper. Choose a combi boiler to heat your water also and make extra savings.

Choosing natural gas-powered ducted gas central heating and continuous hot water instead of an existing electric cylinder and two heat pumps could reduce your annual energy bill by as much as 38%. For a household of five that’s around $490 – a saving of $40 a month. Check out our appliance gallery for different whole-home heating options

What users say

Quinn and Victoria with their kids talking about their gas story

Quinn loves the speed and ease of cooking with gas. Victoria likes the safety aspect of setting the hot water to a cooler temperature for their girls’ baths. They both love the cost savings of natural gas.

Quinn and Victoria's gas story, Wellington
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