Gas home heating

Natural gas heating is the fast and powerful way to heat your home.

Fast and reliable

Most ducted gas central heating options can take your house from cold to cosy in just 10 minutes. That’s fast. Plus, you can rely on natural gas heating to keep you warm – even in the meanest of southerly blasts.

Efficient and cost effective

Heating your home accounts for around a third of your energy bill so choosing the right heating is important. Natural gas is more affordable because a little goes a long way. If you already use natural gas for hot water, the cost of gas per unit drops to around a third of the price of electricity.

Look for the Energy Star rating when you’re shopping around for gas heating options. This shows how energy efficient a particular model is – the more stars, the less it will cost to run. More about energy efficiency.


On average New Zealand homes are 6ºc colder than the 18ºc recommended by the World Health Organisation – especially those relying on electricity as an energy source. Natural gas makes for a dry, comfortable, healthy heat that won’t cause condensation. That’s because most gas heaters have a flue to vent water and carbon dioxide safely outside.

Making a choice

Gas home heating options include ducted central heating and a range of gas-fired heaters that can be built in or plugged into a bayonet point. Here are some things to think about when deciding what’s right for your home.

  • Appearance – What look are you after? Gas fireplaces make an attractive focal point in a living area. Gas central heating is almost completely hidden from view.

  • Heat distribution – Do you want your whole home heated? Or just the main living areas?

  • Noise levels – Ask about extra quiet options ideal for bedrooms.

  • Costs – these vary greatly depending on whether you will install a flued space heater, a central heating system, or a flame-effect fireplace (or a combination). Costs also depend on the size and layout of your house, as well as whether you are building new, or retrofitting a heating system.  Do your homework, and talk with an expert to work out what the best solution for your place is, within your budget. 

  • If you’re new to natural gas, and there’s a gas main in your street, chances are you’ll be eligible for free connection if you install central heating.